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Write, collaborate, and publish on all your different channels with Story Chief

As someone who creates content, I’ve been asking (some might say throwing tantrums) our business development team to bring in a tool that helps me.

You know, just a little something that tackles collaboration, approval, publishing, and engagement tracking for all the hard work I do.

And boy oh boy, did they pull through.

Marketers and anyone responsible for publishing content, feast your eyes on the most complete tool we’ve seen yet: Story Chief.

The Story Chief journey begins in the Editor, which is a clean and distraction-free canvas designed by writers, for writers.

Inside the Editor, you can lay the ground rules for your piece of copy using the Editorial Brief.

The Editorial Brief is where you can give your story a titleanswer the important who, what, why, and how questionsadd additional filesgive a word countset a publishing deadline; andassign the story to a colleague.

Then, you or the assigned writer will be free to start cranking away!

Story Chief offers a straightforward WYSIWYG editor that allows you to embed imagesimage galleriesvideoslead capture formsand rich media like social content from Instagram posts or Google Maps links.

Everyone with access to the document will be able to add comments and feedback — just like a Google Doc, but without the annoying distractions of multiple people editing your work at once.

Here’s where Story Chief gets fancy.

Story Chief has an SEO & Readability tool that shows you tips on how you can optimize your story! From directly within your doc, you can make changes to climb the SEO rankings!

When your story is finished and ready for the SEO stage, you can request approval from your editor or go straight to ‘summary’ where you can see/edit things like categories, tags, and SEO settings.

As soon as the editor gives you the green light, you can blast your content to all your different channels with just a few clicks — WordPress, Medium, RSS feed, Hubspot-powered blog, social media channels, and your email newsletter!

You can even have your ambassadors, friends, or fans automatically receive notification emailswhenever you post, asking them to reshare your content on their personal networks.

Everything you post is dynamic. Meaning, if you notice a mistake in the article after it has been published, you can fix it, and all of your posts will be automatically updated.

Now, you may be thinking, “won’t posting the same story to so many different channels at the same time hurt my SEO score?” No, because Story Chief is two steps ahead of you and the SEO game.

You see, when you publish your article to multiple websites, you’ll have to select the primary channel. That means all of the social links and other previews will lead to the full article located in the primary channel, and all canonical stuff will be fixed, too.

Once your articles/blogs are flourishing on the internet, you can gather data and insights using StoryChief’s analytics platform. There, you’ll be able to see impressionsviewsand reads across all of your channels.

They are also allowing Sumo-lings to stack a second code and get access to the Extended Plan, which includes:

  • 40 Stories a month
  • 200 slots for Ambassadors/PR/Influencers/Journalists
  • Export to offline docs
  • White labeled notification emails
  • Unlimited subaccounts

By now, you can tell that Story Chief separates itself from the competition in many, many ways (rich media, lead generation, dynamic editing, adorable sloth logo, etc.).

Their powerful UX and the ability to have native articles published to multiple channels instantly is game-changing enough to use Story Chief.

On top of that, you’ll have an editorial/collaboration flow that is made specifically for writers and rich content articles.

On average, Story Chief saves users up to 4 hours per story!

Crafting, editing, and publishing used to be a hassle.

But not no mo’ thanks to Story Chief.

Grab lifetime access for just $49!


Current Lifetime Deals for $49
Starting from: $0/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Freemium: YES

Story Chief is an editorial software that lets you collaborate with your team, publish across all your channels at once, and insights on how your content is performing.

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Pros and cons

  • Optimize copy for SEO
  • Trigger Ambassadors to re-share content
  • Send out press releases to your journalist friends
  • Plan content in the Content Calendar

  • 20 stories / month

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  • Lifetime Access to StoryChief Marketer Plan
  • 20 stories / month
  • Custom Domain
  • Collaboration / Reviewer Comments
  • Multichannel Publishing
  • SEO Assistant
  • Feeds and AMPs
  • Content Calendar
  • 50 Ambassadors/PR/Influencer slots
  • Revision History
  • PRO Channels & Integrations
  • 40 Stories / month (2 codes)
  • 200 Ambassadors/PR/Influencer slots (2 codes)
  • Export to Offline Docs (2 codes)
  • Branded Notification Emails (2 codes)
  • Unlimited Sub Accounts (Need to purchase codes separately to upgrade each)
  • Can stack 1 or 2 codes per account/subaccount
  • Subaccounts with no codes will be on free plan by default
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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For Complete FAQs, please visit here : https://intercom.help/story-chief/faq-for-sumo-lings


  • Yes. Stack the second code and get access to the Extended Plan.

Can I connect it to my CMS? WordPress? Or other?

You can link any CMS with provided plugins or with our API.

Deadline for code redemption?


How can I post to my personal Facebook or Linkedin channels or to groups?

Yes, if you use the Ambassador Channel (https://intercom.help/story-chief/3-connect-your-channels-for-multi-channel-publication/referral-marketing/connect-your-ambassadors) and add yourself as an ambassador,  you will receive an email with share buttons Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.  This enables you to share on your personal Facebook and LinkedIn channels and to a Facebook Group

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Write, collaborate, and publish on all your different channels with Story Chief

  • Custom Domain
  • Collaboration / Reviewer Comments
  • Multichannel Publishing
  • SEO Assistant
  • Feeds and AMPs
  • Content Calendar
  • 20 stories / month
  • Unlimited Sub Accounts (Need to purchase codes separately to upgrade each)
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